4 heartbreaking things that people suffering from depression won’t tell you

by JW Holland

During my life, especially before starting treatment, I had times when depression and anxiety almost completely shut me down. I still appeared to be alive and well, but inside there was nothing that could only be described as terror. The kind of fear that allows you to see only destruction and everything in life ending badly.

This is not a good feeling at all, but the effect it had on the people around me was equally difficult for me to bear.

My wild mood swings put a strain on even the best relationships. This was usually written off as capriciousness or a generally bad mood, but it was much more than that.

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Those of you who have suffered this terrible pain will understand. The problem, however, is that people who do not suffer from the disease sometimes have difficulty accepting that it is beyond the control of the affected person.

What may seem minor to you turns out to be too much for us, and the reactions get exaggerated and out of bounds.

In my worst moments, I was a terrible human being who could not be reasoned with or consoled. I will abandon all my usual decency and pour out my pain on whoever happens to be there. If you made the slightest mistake or said the wrong thing at the wrong time, you saw a different side of me that I’m not proud of.

That time was difficult for everyone, especially for me. In my mind, even when they were happening, I was screaming at myself to stop, just stop! But I couldn’t do it, I didn’t know how, and sometimes I wondered if I even wanted to.

I said a lot of things at that time, most of them I regret, but the problem was that I couldn’t say them all. Those things which do not or cannot come out of my mouth.

My brain won’t allow it; My emotions kept them in place, my depression locked them in a place I couldn’t reach. It is difficult for many of us, especially men, to fully express our feelings, emotions and thoughts. When you combine depression and anxiety, those things become almost impossible.

In those moments, there were some things I couldn’t say no matter how hard I tried. Many men have the same struggle, and it’s important to recognize when this happens.

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