Army Fitness continues to evolve: Another change is coming to ACFT

According to the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act, the Army is directed to impose higher minimum standards for certain soldiers in combat jobs. The NDAA also removes efforts to reinstate the previous Army Physical Fitness Test as a test of record, which was added to the draft version of the NDAA over the summer.

The NDAA gives the Army up to 18 months to make changes to the Army Combat Fitness Test, which President Joe Biden is expected to sign. The bill sets annual policy and spending priorities for the Pentagon. The changes required by the NDAA will affect infantry, combat engineering, armor and cavalry, artillery advance observers, artillery and engineer offices and all special forces troops.

finalizing army fitness changes

Lt. Col. Randy Reedy, spokesman for the Initial Military Training Center under the Army Training and Doctrine Command, told Army Times in an email Monday that development of the new standards will not begin until the bill becomes law.

Although the NDAA does not provide any specific details or requirements regarding AFCT changes, the Army must brief Congress once a year on progress on the changes, which focus on scoring standards.

The bill provides that, within 365 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Army is to provide to the armed services committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives a briefing describing the methodology to be used to establish the standards. We do.

These changes follow the recent and final implementation of the Army’s painstakingly developed six-event CrossFit-style ACFT. The test took years to develop and change to better combine the requirements of physical fitness testing and physical combat requirements.

Moving from APFT to ACFT

The ACFT, which was (finally) implemented in October, replaced the long-running ’80s APFT, which measured a soldier’s combat readiness through push-ups, sit-ups, and a two-mile run. Tested.

The APFT was considered outdated and Army leadership felt that the test did not assess a soldier’s capability in a combat environment. ACFT was developed and initially launched in 2018. The original objective was to assess the soldier based on gender-neutral and age-neutral scores as well as the physical demands of the soldier’s job.

After developing separate standards for men and women, the Army faced pressure from Congress when studies showed that less than half of the women were passing the test.

The House proposed returning to gender-neutral standards and the Senate proposed returning to the APFT. Senior Army leaders opposed both, saying the new test had reduced injury rates and helped improve the fitness culture.

ACFT has been a really important tool for us in the entire holistic health and fitness field to really change the culture of fitness, Sergeant. Army Maj. Michael Weimer, the service’s top enlisted soldier, in September at Fort Moore, Ga. said in. This directly points towards war. And, so, I’m looking forward to taking a whole bunch of ACFTs.

Current ACFT standard (MOS not considered)

Max deadlift, three repetitions (pounds): The all-ages requirement is 140 pounds for male soldiers and 120 pounds for female soldiers.

Standing Power Throw (metres): For ages 17-21, 6 meters are required for male soldiers and 3.9 meters for female soldiers; For ages 62 and above, the requirement for male soldiers is 4.9 million, for female soldiers 3.4 million.

Hand Release Pushups: 10 reps required for both male and female soldiers of all ages.

Sprint/Drag/Carry (minutes, seconds): For ages 17–21, 2:28 is required for male soldiers and 3:15 for female soldiers; For ages 62 and older, the requirement is 3:16 for male soldiers and 4:48 for female soldiers.

Plank (minutes, seconds): For ages 17-21, the requirement for male and female athletes is 1:30; For ages 62 and above, the requirement for male and female soldiers is 1:10.

Two-mile run (minutes, seconds): For ages 17–21, 22:00 is required for male soldiers and 23:22 for female soldiers; For ages 62 and older, the requirement is 23:36 for male soldiers and 25:00 for female soldiers.

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