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Kat Schneider decided to create supplement brand Ritual in 2015 when she was pregnant with her daughter Tali. “I couldn’t find any prenatal multivitamin I trusted,” the Ukraine-born, Los Angeles-based entrepreneur tells the Cut. With products high in heavy metals and lacking key nutrients like choline, I knew we deserved better, says Schneider. But raising funds while four months pregnant was certainly not an easy process. She says, I was often told that I had to choose between building a company and raising a family. It became fuel for me. I wanted to excel at being both a CEO and a mother. I’m proud that I now have three incredible, smart and driven girls and a thriving business.

After graduating from Brown University, he worked at Lehman Brothers just before the financial crisis in 2008. I was fired, rehired, and later fired again after a week. “It’s definitely been an interesting start to my career,” she says. Later, she worked in the start-up world and eventually became the global leader of digital innovation at Universal Music Group, leading Spotify to the U.S. Was brought in.

When it comes to relaxing and putting her self-care first, Schneider likes to rely on practices like drinking matcha, yoga classes, and a hydrating skin-care routine.

6:00 I drink 2 cups of room temperature water and then take a Secret Upcoming Ritual product when I wake up.

7:00 I make a Filled Matcha Latte with my homemade almond milk and Matcha Ceremonial Matcha. I would also add some soluble fiber like Sunfibre.

8:00 After taking the kids to school, I work out. I’ve learned that the key to building long, lean muscle is to vary my arm and leg days and take a day to really reset. I used to work out too much and wasn’t seeing the best results. I love Francesca Assumhs 26 6 yoga class. This is really the best beauty routine because you flush out a lot of toxins by sweating and it makes you feel fresh.

9:00 Sick bath. My favorite products are OSEAs Undaria Algae Body Oil and OSEAs Ocean Cleansing Mud. I will also be using Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn. I also like to rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar.

9:30 For moisturizer, I use OSEAs Seabiotic Water Cream. For hydration, I use OSEA Hyaluronic C Serum. I also supplement my hyaluronic acid by taking Rituals Hyacera Skin Hydration Supplement.

9:35 I love covering everything with Josh Rosebrooks Advanced Hydration Mask and Elias Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation. I also love Kosas Plump Lip Booster.

6:00 Dinner time. I eat plant-based foods because my skin reacts negatively to dairy and meat, but also because I feel worse emotionally when using animal products.

7:00 I take most of my supplements at night. My lineup includes Ritual Multivitamin, Essential for Women 18+ and Ritual Synbiotic+.

8:00 My nighttime skin care starts with cleansing of oil. I find massaging my face really relaxing. I’ve been getting facial massages in the valley and learned how to massage my face with OSEAs Vagus Nerve Oil and Nuciferous The Mist.

9:00 The last part of my routine is to take the Ritual Sleep BioSeries supplement an hour before bed.

I am a Ukrainian refugee and came to America with my family at the age of 4. I lived in a wellness hotel in Brooklyn. My approach to beauty definitely comes from my upbringing. I like to be called a recovery junkie. I was using a Norman Walker pressed juicer in my teens. I was reading Ayurvedic books in primary school. And because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I started college, I followed her into an integrative wellness journey of psychotherapy and the blood-type diet when I was 20. Now, I would say that I am on the other side of the rainbow of well-being. I believe in doing the basics really well. Often, people are looking for that magic pill. I focus on the basics. Sleep, hydration, exercise, and things that can support my basic health every day. Some people say that when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good.

The beauty ingestible market is filled with products that have little efficacy and limited clinical support. You often see this term applied to medically studied products, but many people may not realize that it is not a regulated term and is often misused. People take this to mean that an entire sutra has been studied, but this is a common mistake and can be quite rare. Formulas may contain ingredients that have been clinically studied, but in reality, dosages and forms often differ from actual studies.

The ingredients should match the form and dosage of clinical studies, and even better, there should be clinical studies on the finished formula. This can be quite rare in the supplement industry, and some variation was expected. We are committed to conducting clinical studies on every Ritual product by 2030.

The standards have risen: more topical beauty brands are becoming EWG certified, more mainstream beauty brands are developing products with actual clinical studies. And because of that, consumers are becoming more conscious about what they’re putting on their bodies and I hope that continues.

But I still think there is more work to be done on the transparency front. For years, we’ve been so focused on what our products are actually made without (clean), we haven’t focused on what our products are actually made with (clean). I think the shift from clean to clear is what will continue to move the industry forward.

I can’t stand the glass skin trend. It is not available for every skin type. In many ways, it’s an aspiration that makes people feel inadequate and reach for drastic solutions that actually strip the skin of essential elements.

I don’t generally like trends. But I really like the rise of ingestible skin care. People are really starting to think about how their body ages not only externally, but internally as well, and are realizing the need to support it. For example, more than half of hyaluronic acid is found in your skin and it decreases as you age. Instead of just using hyaluronic acid topically, you can also swallow it to aid with hydration.

I avoid heavy metals. To put it bluntly, they’re in everything. They’re in the soil, they’re in the air, and they’re a natural byproduct of industrial manufacturing. But when you concentrate them in certain products, like protein powder, it increases the risk. I like to choose products that are transparent with their heavy metal content so that I can limit their overall exposure in my wellness routine. I gravitate towards products with fewer ingredients. I believe that less is more. You hear a lot of talk about cleanliness in the beauty industry. But it is an irregular word.

I love buccal facials! I also love doing microneedling with Vanessa at The Things We Do. I love lymphatic massage. I also swear I won’t wax my eyebrows, just trim them occasionally. And applying oil on them.

skin! It makes me feel great and empowers me.

Pamela Anderson not wearing any makeup on the red carpet is my inspiration. I’m very focused on feeling good inside, and when that happens, I think it really shows. I mean she was glowing. I love not wearing makeup and paying close attention to the health of my skin.

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