Chickasaw Woman Places Second Place for Miss Health & Fitness 2023

Mary Lou Dolce astride her horse Chickasaw Rising. (Photo/Chickasaw Media News)

Mary Lou Dolce is a travel nurse whose lifestyle is based on healthy eating, exercise, and perseverance. She also has a deep love of animals, whether it’s rescuing strays or training horses for barrel racing.

A few years ago, he had rescued a cat that had been hit by a car and bitten on his finger by the stray animal. The bite caused him to develop osteomyelitis, a bone infection, which led to his finger being amputated. When she was saving a stray dog, she suffered serious injuries on her chin, which also required surgery. Additionally, Dolce battles lupus, an autoimmune disease that comes with various health problems.

Despite all these challenges, she continues to work hard and persevere.

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As a nurse, I see all types of patients with disorders and illnesses, and I always keep in mind that if we took care of ourselves in our younger years, exercising and eating well, we would have less struggles with health. Had to. Issues in our old age, he said.

Chickasaw native Dolce has definitely taken her lifestyle into her own hands and is an example of health. She always has a healthy diet but does not advocate weight loss diets.

That said, diets are meant to be broken, eating healthy is a lifestyle.

His daily routine includes weightlifting, running, cardio workout and eating every two to three hours.

I don’t believe in calorie restriction. You are facing losses. To be healthy, you have to appreciate food, Dolce said.

She also rides horses and trains them for barrel racing so she can incorporate something she is passionate about into her fitness routine.

She saw an advertisement for the Miss Health and Fitness 2023 pageant and immediately responded to it. The goal of the contest is to get likes, shares, comments and followers on social media accounts. Then, followers vote for you and decide who should be removed. It’s a way to brand yourself and inspire others to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Dolce said, I am 50 years old and I was running against women who are younger than my daughter.

At the beginning of the competition, contestants are asked a series of questions to help contribute to their social media branding. One of the questions was, how does fitness positively impact your life?

Fitness is like breathing. It’s not just a positive influence, it’s present within me, Dolce said.

For many women, it was a beauty contest, like who looks best in a bathing suit. But for me, it wasn’t about that, she said. I just wanted to inspire people, because I have a personality that people are attracted to. Being a nurse, I take health and fitness very seriously. I wanted people to see that even though I was an older woman, battling illness, losing a finger, suffering from lupus, kidney failure, being in the hospital for years and almost dying, I still I overcame all this, and I overcame it by making choices. To be healthy.

Dolce talked about her Chickasaw upbringing and how she was raised to appreciate life, the earth, good food, and the people around her.

She grew up close to her Chickasaw grandfather, who was born and raised in the Chickasaw Nation treaty territory. His father is Italian, and his mother is Irish and Chickasaw.

Now living in New York, she still has memories of her grandfather and mother teaching her about Chickasaw culture, stomp dancing, and a deep reverence for the earth. This reverence, he said, has been the guiding light of his life both personally and professionally. She hopes to come back to Oklahoma, see her family and ride in the 2024 rodeo series.

During the Miss Health and Fitness competition, she made it to the quarter finals and finals. She remained in first place for some time, before Dr. Snehi Kapoor took over the first place and left her in second place.
I was very happy and proud that Dr. Kapoor won, because he is a neurologist and very inspiring. She shows people how to live a healthy life longer, Dolce said.

She said she got everything she wanted from the competition, which is an inspiring winner, and a chance to bring awareness to the First American people and a health and fitness lifestyle that respects the earth.

The more I’ve learned as an adult researching my heritage, the more I understand myself and why I’m naturally drawn to certain things in my life. She said, I think this is the reason why I live simply and feel connected to animals and nature.

Her horse’s name is Chickasaw Rising.

I feel the Chickasaw always rising up in my soul,” Dolce said.

Dolce is infusing her passion for her Chickasaw culture into her horseback riding lessons, which she offers to students who learn to connect to the land and their spirit through nature.

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