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The fitness community is mesmerized by Sam Sulek, a bodybuilding influencer known for his strong physique and intense training. In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Chris Raynor explain why Sulek Was not responsible for the youth audience’s attraction to steroids. Additionally, he discussed the health effects of long-term performance-enhancing drug use.

“Whose fault is it? It would be easy to point the finger at Sam, and I have heard that he is a bad influence on young aspiring lifters and may make them more likely to turn to PEDs,” Dr. Raynor shares.

In just one year, Sam Sulek has emerged as a big star and it’s not just because of his muscular physique and impressive musculature. His laid-back nature and his unconventional diet choices have led to much admiration, especially online, where memes about his life have regularly gone viral.

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Sam Sulek’s publicity has increased recently with celebrities and bodybuilders discussing his impact on fitness. Joe Rogan claims he can hear steroids in the 21-year-old’s voice while athletes like Nick Walker believe he could be sending a dangerous message to young audiences. Watching the reaction from athletes and fans online, Dr. Chris Raynor offers his verdict on whether Sulek is sending fans down a dark path.

Dr. Raynor talks about the health risks of long-term steroid use

Even though he praised Sulek for his physique, Raynor highlighted the potential dangers of long-term steroid use.

“Now, no one’s denying that what he can do in the gym is impressive, but as you’d expect, his rise to prominence has brought a healthy dose of praise, criticism and, well, outright concern. The mix is ​​appealing,” said Dr. Chris Raynor.

“The big elephant in the room is his PED use – to my knowledge, Sam has not talked about this publicly yet,” Dr. Raynor said. “Not surprisingly, the Internet is unanimous that her body is actually motivated by something much more than calorie surplus. And I mean, the show definitely fits.

As for some of the undesirable side effects caused by steroids, Dr. Raynor mentioned dependence, addiction, and physical changes including gynecomastia, enlarged breast tissue, and baldness.

“Additionally, there is an increased likelihood of dependence and addiction as well as the development of physical changes such as gynecomastia, enlarged breast tissue, and baldness.”

Of all the side effects, Raynor specified that high blood pressure and atherosclerosis are the most dangerous because they increase the likelihood of heart disease.

“Among these symptoms, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, both of which contribute to increased risks of heart disease, are the most worrisome. Because they can keep you, well, six feet underground.

Steroids can cause an increase in blood pressure due to effects on sodium and water retention in the body.

Additionally, Raynor points out that steroid use disrupts normal growth patterns for people who have not fully matured.

“Steroid use can disrupt normal growth patterns, reduce height, cause premature closure of growth plates and cause irreversible physical changes. Hormonal imbalance during this critical period can result in serious and lasting consequences, including reproductive problems, cardiovascular problems, mood disorders, and even increased susceptibility to some cancers. “This is all on top of everything we just talked about.”

“I feel like don’t do it.”

Doctor says if Sam Sulek ‘went away’ young fans would still try steroids: ‘They want to be crazy’

According to Dr. Raynor, even if Sam Sulek did not exist, young fans would still use PEDs, adding that they would attempt to imitate other notable names such as Chris Bumstead, Derek Lunsford, and Phil Heath.

“If a young person wants to compete [pro bodybuilding] At some point it is likely that they may have been taking steroids. Even people who do not plan to compete but want to improve their bodies are attracted to the use of PEDs.

“If someone impressed by Sam’s physique decided to take PEDs, do you think they wouldn’t have done it if Sam had gone? They may still be influenced by someone else.

Maybe Chris Bumstead, Derek Lunsford, Phil Heath, or Ramon Dino, but I’m not blaming them either. Since if they left, I believe the statement would still be true.

Instead of blaming Sulek, the doctor pointed to young men who are ‘fascinated’ with the body and because of this, they are willing to take PEDs to improve their bodies.

“The problem is that it’s possible for young men to become so obsessed with having a body type that they’re actually willing to put their health at risk to change their body. The implicit value hierarchy places the body above long-term optimal health.

“Sam Sulek is just one person in a long-standing tradition. It’s a tradition of being inspired and deeply moved by something or someone.”

Simply put, Dr. Raynor shared that people follow Sulek not for his health, but for his personality, incredible strength, and muscular physique.

“If we use the argument that what bodybuilders are doing is unhealthy to discourage people from bodybuilding then we misunderstand this fact. We are barking up the wrong proverbial tree. They want to be crazy. And in many cases, health is a secondary priority even during negotiations.”

“Can I really expect Sam to give good advice related to health and longevity? One thing I found interesting about his interview with Fouad and Paul was how open-minded Sam was whenever Fouad spoke in a critical tone,” Raynor said.

“People don’t follow Sam because of his health. This is his personality. That’s a no-nonsense attitude. But honestly, without incredible strength and more importantly physique, it wouldn’t be the same.”

Concluding the discussion, Raynor credited Sulek for his instincts when lifting heavy items.

“Certainly he’s lifting a lot of weight in many of his lifts, but legitimately he can do so for relatively high repetitions. He seems to have a relatively good instinct for estimating how much weight he needs to lift to get into his desired range. He isn’t very proud of taking the weight off the bar to do so.

As for Raynor, he doesn’t see Sulek. “Been doing this for a long time.”

“Do I think he’ll keep doing this for a long time… no.”

In addition to Dr. Raynor, former eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman also discussed the Sam Sulek hype train. Overall, Coleman was impressed with many of Sulek’s lifts and during a recent YouTube video he noted that his physique was the furthest from natural.

There’s no denying that Sam Sulek discussions make for captivating content. As far as Dr. As for Raynor, he did not blame Sulek for influencing the younger generation, but emphasized the dangers of long-term PED use.

Watch the full YouTube video from Dr. Raynor’s channel below:

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