Fitness influencers face harsh backlash for mocking fellow gym goers, banned from returning there

Going to the gym can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re just starting out. It feels like you’re messing up every exercise, you don’t know how to get on the machines properly, everyone is looking at you… it’s horrible, I know.

The truth is that people at the gym rarely care what you are doing. Except for the rare bad apples. noah bermudez Gathers and exposes his followers, like these two girls making fun of a guy’s perfectly legitimate practices by pointing at him, copying what he’s doing and laughing. You know, just textbook bullying stuff.

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Noah often creates content tearing down gym influencers who are entitled, creepy, or just overall bullies

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“Yesterday I made a video about these two girls pointing and making fun of a guy in their gym who was just trying to work out”

“They set up their entire tripod just pointing at her, laughing and copying her workouts because it looked goofy. “Really didn’t like it, I felt kind of uncomfortable so I made a video on it and it did so well that they took down the original video.”

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“My work was done there, I wasn’t going to make another video. That was until he sent me a DM”

“They just wanted to let me know it wasn’t bullying. In fact, she said they were playfully indicating with their fingers that they were copying her workout and that they weren’t bullying her, they just found it amusing. Earlier when I was made fun of, people would say many things and I would always ask ‘Why?’ And they’ll say ‘It’s not bullying, you know, it’s just ridiculous.’ Oh, it’s for your entertainment, making fun of me. It makes everything 10 times better.”

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“Anyway, they asked me to take the video down and I gave the same answer any intelligent person would have given.”

“I can’t breathe when you’re not there. The city of Yapsville needs its mayor back. He even tried to ask his friends to ask me to delete the video. Friend, this is not happening. ‘Help, I have a bomb strapped to my chest. It’s about to explode any moment. what do I have to do?'”

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“I recently made a video about these two girls who were bullying and making fun of a guy at their gym who was just trying to work out”

“He sent me a DM asking me to delete the video, I responded the same way any intelligent, handsome man would have given and that was: ‘I can’t breathe when you’re not there. The city of Yapsville needs its mayor back. I have good news and I have bad news about this whole situation. The good news is this guy sent me a DM, he’s friends with the manager and they’ve been kicked out of the gym. The bad news is that after hearing this, I peed my pants out of sheer excitement and I don’t have anyone to change my diaper. Does anyone want to do this? Raj Mistri? You want to change my diaper?”

Image credit: noah_bermudez3

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Both women have deleted the original video but have not made any public apology

This may sound a little silly, but this video is not for the faint of heart. Watching people riot, pointing, mimicking, and bursting out laughing at a guy doing it*Checks notes* Hip strain? It’s a time capsule of the school years, where most of the bullying happened, so those who experienced it first-hand will know what I mean.

None of the exercises are “weird”, nothing he’s doing is “weird” at all, he’s just focusing on his workout. It really makes you think “Hey guys, is it weird to work out at the gym?”

But you probably already know all this. That’s exactly what we’re here for, as the video went viral with Noah’s help.

According to Noah’s social media, he’s a videographer and editor, and you can find a lot of his long and short content on his website. youtube, In his short videos, you’ll find a bunch of videos similar to what we’ve got today, in which he points out various entitled, creepy, and generally insensitive people as idiots.

Today’s video is no different. This popped up on TikTok root removal The bullies received over 5.3 million views and Noah showed the excuse they sent and requested the removal of the previous video, which received a total of 7.3 million. Although these videos were largely on Reels on TikTok Noah’s Instagram page He got 15 to 18 million views at a time. Just goes to show you that people exist for satisfying content created against gym bullies.

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After shamelessly pointing out and laughing at an innocent man as if he was in full clown makeup and getting blasted online after people watched Noah’s video, the pair deleted the original video, which That would have been enough for Noah. Had he stopped there and not made any further updates they might have faded into obscurity.

All they had to do was follow him and ask him to delete that video. Instead of doing this, Noah created another video, showing their message to the world. In the message they present themselves as making “playful signals” with their fingers and downplay the fact that there was any bullying in the video.

Many comments on the video pointed out that downplaying what the girls did was too textbook-like because they were trying to create a certain false narrative that what every viewer of the original video saw was not what it really was. What he had seen.

Instead of giving a sensible reply (not that one was necessary), Noah sent a nonsense voice message, indirectly calling Debs. Yapar – Someone who talks a lot with little or no substance.

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Finally, Noah shared a third videoWith a surprising conclusion to this story: The video went so viral that it reached someone who worked at the gym and knew the manager, which led to the couple being banned from the gym!

Good for the redemption and good luck finding another gym where it was horrible! If you want to know if the women will ever post an update video, you can find Burna And Debs On TikTok.

Now, if you’re unfortunately dealing with a gym bully, but you don’t have as big a platform as Noah, there are a few things you can do, at least according to megafied fitness,

You can try to deal with your harassers yourself, either by ignoring them or standing up to them by making sure you don’t let the horrible comments fly. Alternatively, you can involve the gym’s trainers or management, and ask them to do something about your bully’s behavior.

If management doesn’t care, perhaps it would be best to find a less toxic place to work out or, like Noah, make sure everyone is aware of their behavior. Most importantly, don’t doubt yourself. You’re in the gym for a reason – to better yourself – and no one has the right to talk down to you, no matter your experience or progress.

Noah’s Saga has received 16.8 million views across three videos, with the most popular second video receiving over 1.1 million likes. What did you think of the video? Have you dealt with a gym bully or bullied yourself? Let us know below.

The community was shocked by the girls’ behavior, especially Noah’s cheering for giving them what they deserved

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