Husband used essential oil instead of real mint in wife’s gift, she got panic attack

People say it’s the thought that counts, but certain kinds of gestures are better left as a thought, not an action.

For Redditor u/sadbeanwithdreams, it was a thoughtful birthday gift from her husband that she probably wouldn’t have received. Knowing how much his wife loved Peppermint Mocha Lattes, he decided to make one for her himself, but the things he added to the drink didn’t exactly get the birthday off to the best start.

Not all ideas that sound good in theory are good in reality

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OP’s husband came up with a thoughtful surprise for her birthday, but unfortunately, the execution was poor.

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Consuming essential oils can cause serious health problems

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OP’s husband probably had good intentions at heart when he brought her a surprise for her birthday; But what he didn’t know was that the essential oils he used to make it were not suitable for consumption.

People often consider such oils to be harmless because they are natural, made from plants. However, this does not mean that they are safe to put into food and beverages (with some allowances in small amounts), because of how concentrated they are.

“It takes a lot of plant material to get a little oil. Because of that, essential oils are really concentrated and can affect us in powerful ways,” says David S., MD, family medicine physician and medical director of the Integrative Health Clinic at the University of Wisconsin. Kiefer, MD, tells Everyday Health.

Another expert, Megan Voss, DNP, RN, director of education and associate professor at the Earl E. Bacon Center for Spirituality and Healing, pointed out that in addition to the many health dangers, essential oils can also affect the way our bodies respond to essential oils. For medicine.

“Some essential oils use the same receptor sites that medications use, which can make our medications less effective,” Voss told Everyday Health. “They can also increase the amount of drug circulating in our bodies and cause toxicity.”

It appears that many people enjoy flavored coffee, with vanilla being a favorite choice.

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Luckily, OP’s husband’s good intentions didn’t cause irreversible damage, but fellow Redditors in the comments suggested choosing candy canes or syrup next time. In fact, many coffee lovers use syrup to enhance their beverages.

According to the National Coffee Association’s 2023 National Coffee Data Trends report, nearly a third of Americans enjoy flavored coffee here and there, with vanilla being the favorite flavor (caramel and hazelnut are second on the list, followed by mocha).

The report found that the majority of coffee drinkers in the US (81% of them) enjoy drinking coffee in the afternoon (19%) or with breakfast or sometime in the morning (38%). Evening (10%). The data also showed that of all espresso-based drinks, lattes appear to be the most popular choice, with espresso and cappucino coming in second and third respectively.

OP’s love of Peppermint Mocha Lattes shows that the Latte is an option that can be customized to personal preferences; But this should not be done with the help of essential oils. That’s why, after learning from his mistakes, the husband bought some peppermint flavor safe for consumption for similar surprise signs in the future.

Fellow Redditors didn’t think the OP was a jerk in this situation, they shared their thoughts in the comments

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