I completed a six week program at Taunton Gym and it was incredible

The gym, located on Silk Mills Road in Taunton, offers a varied and progressive program that has helped me not only become stronger, but create positive habit changes that will stand me in good shape for the long term.

Oh and an added bonus, the gym is full of like-minded people, all of whom (coaches and teammates alike) welcomed me and I’ve been able to form friendships with many of them in just six weeks. !

The Superstars website says: We are proud to be Somerset’s premier fitness facility that creates an encouraging and non-intimidating environment.

Somerset County Gazette: Lots of friendships made in the gymI have made a lot of friends at the gym (Image: Superstar Studio)

After spending six weeks at the gym, I can attest that it is an encouraging and non-intimidating environment. I couldn’t recommend it enough.


Throughout the program, I attended one of SuperStar’s sessions three times a week, each session being no longer than an hour. With enough sessions each day, I knew I could work on my fitness despite my busy schedule.

Each session is a semi-private workout led by one of Superstar Studio’s qualified and expert trainers. There are a maximum of six people per session, making the experience very friendly.

It is divided into three sections strength, support work and conditioning.

Strength included movements such as bench presses, deadlifts and squats, while accessory work included the use of kettlebells, dumbbells and planks, to name a few.

And conditioning work (the fun thing, apparently), this mostly consists of an erg machine consisting of a rower, ski erg or bike, mixed with supersets of burpees, wall balls, box jumps and more.

In addition to gym work, there are many tools available to improve your nutrition and health. These proved to be most useful for me as I specifically needed help in this area and the availability of trainers to answer questions on this front was great.

six weeks later

In the six weeks I’ve been in the gym, I’ve become stronger, fitter and have even lost weight. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s all measurable.

When I started, I wasn’t necessarily weak, but I had little to no knowledge of the correct technique for certain lifts, which meant I struggled in some parts.

However, after training, I have a better understanding of the lifts and see steady improvement. At the end of six weeks, I had set several personal bests, which is an amazing feeling.

Somerset County Gazette: Founder and trainer Lee OwenFounder and Trainer Lee Owen (Image: Superstar Studio)

In terms of fitness, I found conditioning training quite difficult in the beginning, and I was slow. Now I can get through the sessions (they’re still hard, don’t get me wrong), but I push myself more than I thought I would.

With my weight loss, I have managed to lose five kilograms during this period. This is due to consistent training and changes in my diet for the better.

I understand that everyone’s goals are different so weight loss may not be what everyone is going for, but for me this was a huge accomplishment.


At the gym, there are six coaches who run the sessions, all of whom are friendly, approachable, informative and helpful. But most importantly, they all want you to achieve your goals.

The gym was founded by Lee Owen along with a great team consisting of Glenn Danbury, Ryan Radford, Grace Brockwell, Matt Trump and Dave Aston.

Somerset County Gazette: Personal trainer and coach Glenn DanburyPersonal trainer and coach Glenn Denbury (Image: Superstar Studio)

In my six weeks, my availability matched up best with Glenn’s sessions, so I worked out with her a lot, and I can say she’s a real fitness expert (I think she agrees) who helps me a lot. Able to help with any questions.

Each instructor has made a genuine effort to talk to me, help me if possible, and help carry forward the ideology of making the gym a non-intimidating place.

other offerings

In addition to semi-private classes, SuperStar offers much more, making it a go-to destination for many.

The timetable offers a variety of sessions throughout the week, including SuperStar’s signature large group sessions, namely Build, Burn and MetCon. Members will also have access to fitness Pilates, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, boxing, as well as 1-2-1 PT sessions. You can also book the gym for personal use.

Somerset County Gazette: Personal trainer and coach Grace BrockwellPersonal trainer and coach Grace Brockwell (Image: Superstar Studio)

The community aspect is also a big draw in SuperStar, as it provides the opportunity to grow and develop important friendships with a wide variety of people. Superstar hosts various events throughout the year with an awards ceremony on Christmas. This is an event I recently attended and thoroughly enjoyed. It was inspiring to hear about so many incredible achievements and experience being part of the wider team. The people I’ve met so far have been very encouraging and welcoming, which has definitely helped me stay consistent with my training and made it more enjoyable to participate in.

For more information on what the gym offers, visit https://superstar-studios.co.uk/ where you can learn more and even have a free call with one of the team Can also book.

to wrap up

Completing this six-week challenge has been a huge thing for me. It was a great achievement to see this after not exercising and eating well for a long time.

In all honesty, I feel like it has given me the confidence and belief to continue these habits going forward and I’m looking forward to seeing further improvement moving forward with Superstars in 2024.

Somerset County Gazette: It's a friendly atmosphere!It’s a friendly environment! (Image: Superstar Studio)

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s definitely time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, and since improving fitness is a common thing, this six-week program is definitely for you. Should be thoughtful.

Superstar Studio is often described as one of the best fitness coaching gyms in Taunton and the surrounding areas, so why not make the most of them and get into (or back into) fitness.

The Superstar Studios promise is: We help locals look better, feel better, move better, be more confident.

After only six weeks in the gym, I can definitely say that I feel better, move better and have more confidence, there is no doubt about it. Looking better, it’s hard for a 20 year old bald man

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