I Did 3 Minute Low Squats Every Day for a Week – Here’s What Happened

If I asked you to think of a lower body exercise, I’d bet on the fact that squats would be one of the first exercises you thought of. But to really progress and make squats more difficult, dropping into a squat and holding it is a surefire way to burn your legs. Holding a low squat is not easy, and holding a low squat for three minutes is a real challenge, as I found out when I included it in my workout routine every day for a week just for fun. Read on to know what happened

Benefits of squatting

Squats are great for working the muscles of the lower body, especially the quads, hamstrings and glutes. The glutes work especially hard if you focus on pushing into your heels as you rise from a squat. Just don’t take my word for it – Research It is said that squats can help build muscle in the lower body.

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