Matthew Perry’s doctor’s patients speak highly of ketamine therapy

matthew perryis the primary physician specialist of ketamine therapy, And her patients have nothing but complimentary reviews.

According to his autopsy report, his cause of death was listed as Acute effect of ketamine drug. pear wine Was using ketamine therapy at the time of his death However, his last known treatment under the supervision of a medical professional, for anxiety and depression, took place a week before his passing.

Dr. Andre Etoian, whose name appears to be partially suppressed in the report obtained by The Blast, was listed as Perry’s current primary care physician.”

An unidentified woman told investigators that Matthew Perry had recently seen two doctors. His first doctor was treating him with ketamine treatments every other day, but, his new doctor (of the last 6 months) said that since Perry was in good mood, and his depression was in remission, he did not need any more treatment. Was. However, the autopsy report also states that Perry’s most recent treatment was a week and a half ago.

At the time of his death, it is unclear whether Dr. Atoian was the medical professional who oversaw Perry’s final ketamine treatment, but the autopsy report names him as Perry’s current doctor.

Ketamine Therapy Doctor’s Patients Speak Out


Dr. Andre Etoian is the founder and medical director of Ketamine Specialists (now known as Limbic Medical) and was specifically trained on the use of ketamine infusions for depression and pain. His practice is currently located in North Hollywood, CA, about 18 miles from Pacific Palisades, where Matthew Perry lived.

Perry’s autopsy report revealed that the actor was using ketamine treatment for anxiety and depression. He also discussed his experience with ketamine in his 2022 memoir.

Dr. Atoian’s patients have nothing but good things to say about ketamine therapy treatments, with one patient of Dr. Atoian claiming that the specialist “takes his work seriously and enjoys everything he provides for his patients.” “Believe in that deeply.” He then talked about his journey saying “After 6 injections I feel much better. I.” My depressive symptoms improved 80%. “I can’t say enough about how much better I feel.”

Another of his patients said he was “having a really hard time with his depression that wouldn’t go away despite taking medications,” so he sought out Dr. Atoian. He did the infusion and “Now I’m microdosing and I feel great! my anxiety is much better And My depression has gone away to a great extent.”

Ketamine infusion may reset and regrow brain cells

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According to Dr. Andre Etoian, listed as Perry’s primary care physician in the autopsy report, ketamine infusion treatment is being recognized as one of the most significant advances in modern medicine for depression. Standard therapies targeting neurotransmitters associated with mood have not been shown to be effective for a large number of individuals who take them. Yet countless people continue to take these drugs simply because there is no better alternative.

While new investigations are underway to understand the true scope of ketamine’s powers, current evidence suggests that ketamine has the ability to reset and reprogram our brain cells, allowing patients to take back control over their lives. Get it, he said about therapy.

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One of his patients even left a 5-star review, stating “If you are looking for highly personalized treatment provided by an extremely supportive team, [Limbic Medical] There is space.”

He adds, that “Dr. Atoian’s priority is your overall well-being, which means there is no set menu of options, but rather treatment that is right for you and adjusts as you go. I am a medical and mental “I’m a very educated person when it comes to health (words, an idiot) and therefore very choosy. Trust in health and mental care is important and I have full confidence in the team here.”

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