Now testing program reveals worrying quality failures of berberine products online

The revelation comes from the latest round of the company’s product policing program, which has revealed extremely disappointing results involving potency, labeling, contamination, adulteration and heavy metal level issues in more than 150 products tested since 2017. In the berberine case, testing flagged worrying quality failings in a selection of brands purchased last month from both retail giants.

We purchased two bottles of each product from 33 brands, including Now, sold on both Amazon and, said Dan Richard, vice president of global sales and marketing at Now Health Group. Even before testing it was clear that many brands were fraudulently mislabeling potency on the front label panel and that many others had suspiciously high claims.

Now says it has chosen to focus on lesser-known brands that are sold almost exclusively on these platforms because health food store or merchant brands have historically been less suspect.

Capitalizing on the Berberine Hype

Berberina, a yellow alkaloid compound found in plants such as goldenseal, barberry and Oregon grape, linked to blood sugar, cholesterol, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits Got famous on social media.

According to market research firm SPINS, there was a surge in chatting in January that reached true virality on TikTok (as #naturesOzempic) in May and mainstream media in June. At the time, NOW told NutraIngredients-USA that its berberine sales had increased 623% before it ran out of stock.

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