Opinion: CT should require all insurance carriers to cover abortion

The state of Connecticut guarantees the right to abortion and protects that right up to 24 weeks. Connecticut Medicaid, Husky Health, covers the cost of abortion, But other private insurance and Medicaid in other states may not cover the cost of this procedure. Only 20% of CT residents are covered by state Medicaid; 71% of women in Connecticut have it private health insurance Through your employer or direct purchase. A lot of women in Connecticut are left wondering, If I need an abortion, do I have to pay out of pocket?

Connecticut should require all insurance plans to cover the cost of abortion, increasing access to affordable and quality reproductive health. The average cost of an abortion is between $500 and $700, with costs varying depending on the length of pregnancy and type of insurance. The right to an abortion in Connecticut has been written into Connecticut state law since 1990, and women in Connecticut have access to more than 700 reproductive health centers, Still, many of them will charge large fees to access this care.

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Image Source : ctmirror.org

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