Our Most Shared Success Stories of 2023

There’s no shortage of scientific research showing the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet, but there’s something even more interesting about hearing directly from people who have put this knowledge into practice. Maybe that’s why the success stories of people who have changed their diet and transformed their lives are consistently among the most popular posts on our website.

To inspire as we move towards 2024, we’ve compiled the 10 most shared success stories of the past year. Read inspiring testimonials written by people who have lost weight, overcome diabetes and heart disease, and experienced other remarkable health changes after adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet.

In 2019, Kim Jarcho adopted a low-carb, high-protein diet in an effort to lose weight and manage type 2 diabetes. But instead his cholesterol started increasing. My doctor wanted to put me on statins for cholesterol and metformin for diabetes. I knew there had to be a better way, Jarcho writes. She discovered the WFPB lifestyle and decided to give it a try. Within just five weeks, my total cholesterol dropped 60 points. Within six months it dropped to 184, and my A1C dropped from 7.1 to 5.9, all without any medication. Read more.

Mary McCoy was a vegetarian and thought she was in very good health. But after an annual physical in 2021 revealed she had high cholesterol and prediabetes, she was forced to rethink things. After that, I stopped eating all oils and started learning more about whole food, plant-based cooking, McCoy writes. By that summer, I lost 30 pounds! Read more.

Never a fan of vegetables, Ardis Kauffman wasn’t thrilled in 2018 when her daughter started preparing whole-food, plant-based dinners for her. But when Kaufman, who suffered from Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure for decades, started seeing improvements in her blood sugar within two months of following the WFPB dinner routine, she started incorporating the WFPB breakfast and lunch as well. And got big benefits. I am now 85 and in better health than I was at 45, writes Kaufman. Read more.

Wendy Swiggers’ doctors were ready to prescribe medications to manage her cholesterol and prediabetes, but Swiggers, who was already taking blood pressure medications, hoped to find another way. That’s when she joined the WFPB diet. Swiger writes, A month after I started eating this way, I had my annual checkup. My doctor was shocked to say that the ID had the largest drop in LDL cholesterol he had ever seen in his career that was not due to the drug. Within that first month, her blood pressure had normalized, and she was no longer prediabetic. And that was just the beginning. Read more.

In 2017, an angiogram revealed a 100% blockage in Armando Alvarez’s right coronary artery. Not being a candidate for bypass surgery or stents, he decided to try changing his diet, first becoming vegetarian, then vegan, and eventually, whole food, plant-based. Soon after, Alvarez writes, the angina I had struggled with for 10 months finally stopped. Read more.

When Kimberly Elonardo, 39, was diagnosed with kidney disease and told she would need a transplant in six months, she was determined to do anything she could to get her kidneys back to health. Then a neighbor told her about the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet. She immediately agreed to try it. She writes, For me it was a matter of life and death. Within six weeks of going WFPB, I experienced what my nephrologist called spontaneous remission. Some would call it a miraculous recovery. Read more.

Julie Tomlinson struggled with obesity for most of her adult life. She and her husband thought they had tried every diet to lose weight, but then they were faced with Forks Over Knives Documentary And decided to become a vegetarian. After going without animal products for a year, the married couple each lost 100 pounds, Tomlinson writes. Then she and her husband adopted the WFPB diet and experienced even more benefits. Read more.

Years of yo-yo dieting left Shawn Hayes desperate for permanent change and struggling with various health conditions including high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar; Arthritis; and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In 2017, she began working with a health coach, who advised her to adopt the WFPB diet. Over the next three years, she lost 100 pounds; brought her cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure to healthy levels; And eliminated all the symptoms of PCOS. She writes that following the WFPB diet has greatly improved the quality of my life. Read more.

Before discovering the WFPB way of eating, Yolanda and Jim Breedenbaugh both suffered from heart disease. Jim had quadruple bypass surgery, and Yolanda had very high cholesterol. after seeing forks over knives read more starch solution, he became convinced that going to WFPB was the right move for his heart health. Yolanda writes, We found that within a few months we were experiencing some health benefits. We both had more energy and my cholesterol dropped to 147. Read more.

Upon learning he had prostate cancer, Michael Andrus struggled with feelings of anxiety and depression. Things felt out of my control, which was a difficult reality to face, Andrus writes. Then his cousin advised him to study how not to die By Michael Gregor, MD This was the beginning of a dramatic change in my life. Read more.

To learn more about a whole-foods, plant-based diet, visit our plant-based primer. For meal-planning help, check out the Forks Meal Planner, FOK’s handy weekly meal-planning tool to keep you on a healthy plant-based path.

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