Seasonal Growth Analysis of Creatine Gummies

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Apart from whey protein powder, creatine is the most popular, most researched, and most used fitness supplement on the planet, with approximately 50 million users globally.

Recently, creatine use has been increasing at an extraordinary rate, and this meteoric rise doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

Creatine monohydrate powder remains the leader in the creatine market due to its proven effectiveness and reasonable price. Nevertheless, other variations of creatine have proven to be the main drivers of supplement growth over the years.

Creatine gummies are the most notable of these variations, and in the following article, we analyze its current rise in online popularity along with future growth expectations.

Increase in Google Search Volume for Creatine Gummies

Looking at Google search volume for the term creatine gummies, we can see in the graph below that demand was fairly dormant until about 2022, when the product category really started to explode.


Over the past five years, creatine gummies as a subcategory of the creatine category have grown rapidly and are currently at an all-time high when it comes to online traffic.

At the time of this writing, users search for creatine gummies approximately 40,500 times per month on Google alone, which does not include searches on or other search engines.

Speaking of Amazon, Creatine Gummies were ranked #2 on the list of the 25 best-selling products on Amazon in December.

This is an incredible accomplishment, especially during the Christmas season when competition for online sales is so high.

Creatine Gummies vs Creatine Powder

The exact reason for the increased demand for gummies compared to powder depends on each individual, but according to user reviews, there are three primary motivations:

  1. Facility: Many users report that creatine gummies are more convenient for their lifestyle because there is no need to carry a shaker bottle and mix the powder with liquid.

Many users find the gummies easier to take to work or simply eat while in the car. The gummy form may also be more appealing to people who have never used creatine before.

  1. Taste: Since a large part of the recent growth of creatine and creatine gummies can be attributed to new users, taste is a big factor.

Tasteless creatine, which is the most popular form of creatine, is not attractive enough to these new users, so creatine gummy manufacturers have developed their gummies to taste like traditional gummy bears.

  1. Novelty: People generally love trying new products, and it seems like creatine is no different.

This sticky form of creatine makes creatine more attractive to younger people, who still consider fitness supplements too hardcore.

Creatines continued growth trend

Although creatine gummies have already grown in popularity, the creatine product category as a whole is expected to continue growing for at least the next seven years.


As you can see from the chart above, the total sales of the creatine market are expected to reach $688 million in 2031, benefiting from a compound annual growth rate of 10.5%.

some final thoughts

We’ve known about the incredible benefits of creatine for years in the CrossFit community, but it seems like more people are realizing it.

Whether they are consuming creatine to build muscle, increase performance, improve cognitive function, or preserve muscle, creatine is becoming a dietary staple for millions of newcomers in all age groups and lifestyles around the world. .

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