Taking the Plunge: Ajax Fitness Introduces New Cold Plunge, Infrared Sauna

Ajax Fitness owner David Mills (left) poses with fitness expert Bill Fabrosini during the public introduction of the gym’s newest cold plunge and infrared sauna on Tuesday.
Jonson Kuhn/The Aspen Times

Forget sitting on the couch for therapy, try a cold shower instead, says Ajax Fitness.

Cold Plunge, also known as cold water immersion or cold therapy, is now being offered at Ajax Fitness along with infrared saunas. To help introduce the new features to the public, owner David Mills held an event on Tuesday that discussed recovery techniques along with the truth behind common recovery myths.

Ajax Fitness just opened its doors to the public last spring, he said this is an additional offering he’s wanted to offer from the beginning and is excited to now finally be in a position to see the plan come to life.

“It’s really amazing,” he said. “The research is still developing as to how beneficial this may be, and being one of the only locations in Aspen that has this feature, it is great to be able to offer it and make it available to our members and communities.” Is.

Bill Fabrosini, clinical specialist and co-founder of Aspen Core Fitness, led an informative talk to explain the various health benefits of applying cold and hot temperatures to the body, such as combating the tides of aging, as well as athletic Improving performance and reducing risk. Injury.

“Cold plunging has gained popularity due to its many benefits beyond muscle recovery.” “The cold snap builds mental toughness and resilience, improves mood and even boosts the immune response,” he said.

Ajax Fitness owner David Mills demonstrates the use of the gym’s newest cold plunge feature.
Jonson Kuhn/The Aspen Times

In relation to the new sauna, Mills explained how infrared light is used to directly heat the body, which in turn provides a more gentle and penetrating heat, which differs from traditional saunas. The benefits of using an infrared sauna include detoxification through sweating, stress reduction and relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, and skin rejuvenation. Regular sessions in an infrared sauna can help remove toxins, reduce muscle tension, promote a sense of calm, and enhance overall well-being.

“My favorite recovery routine is to combine two modalities known as contrast therapy,” he said.

Contrast therapy, also known as hot and cold therapy, involves alternating between hot and cold temperatures to flush out toxins from the body as well as reduce muscle pain and speed up healing. Is. Fabrosini explained that hot temperatures dilate blood vessels and relax muscles, while cold temperatures constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation. This alternative effect may enhance the body’s ability to recover from injuries, reduce post-workout inflammation, as well as improve overall athletic performance.

“People always ask me if it’s all worth it, but the question is: Can you stay consistent with it? I think a lot of times, like after an injury, people can get themselves excited about doing these things and then, as they get back to daily life, back off a little bit,” he said. Said. “But I think some continuity is good; If you can try to commit to something, even for half an hour two to three times a week, it can make a big difference.

Mills said he recommends spending three to five minutes in water temperatures between 42 to 47 degrees for a cold plunge, followed by 15 minutes in an infrared sauna and three to five additional minutes for a cold plunge. Recommend to spend. For longer recovery sessions, he recommends repeating the cycle two to three times.

The recovery room, including cold plunge and infrared sauna, is available to both current members and non-members. Ajax Fitness also held a silent auction in support of its sister organization Veterans Expedition, with all proceeds going towards veterans with mental health issues.

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